Monday, 27 April 2015

Stickers are cool no matter what age you are and designer Anya Hindmarch created an awesome trend by applying them on handbags.I liked this creative idea so much that i even decided to do something similar, because it's always fun to try new things.
Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2014 [Courtesy Photo]
Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2014 

During the holidays i recieved this Sephora nail kit from one of my friends that also included a set of different shapes of stickers.Unfortunately, they didn't stick to the nail polish vey well and i kept losing them, but  after seeing the handbag above i thought that i should do the same thing with one of my bags.
Sephora Party Nail Kit

The stickers are smaller than the ones used by Anya Hindmarch, but they still look pretty good.What do you think?

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Friday, 17 April 2015

.I rarely enter a sports store anymore, because i believe that this kind of clothing doesn't really represent my style.Even when i think i'm dressing casual, people tell me that my outfit is really not that sporty and is still a little too elegant.If you are in the same position as i am and refuse to wear jumper and bloomers, i have some tips for you.Luckily, Polyvore gives me the opportunity to visually demonstrate to you how a sport chic inspired outfit should look like.

Sport Chic Outfit

Sport Chic Outfit by themodernduchess featuring pointy toe pumps

I recently remembered that a few years ago i bought a really cool silver and white jacket from Adidas.I had to because i was travelling and i really had nothing too comfy in my travel trolley (i know, don't judge!).It looks sport, but it can easily be matched with fancier clothes.

H&M Ribbed Dress,$12,95

For example, you can put it over a simple knee length dress like this one from H&M.The best part is that you can wear it with sneakers, espadrilles or even with stiletto heels.Make sure that you choose an appropriate pair of stilettos that will go with the whole outfit.And whatever you do, don't wear it with slippers!

adidas - Essentials Floral Track Jacket Pearl Grey S14672
Adidas Essentials Floral Track Jacket
adidas - London Printed Super Track Jacket White S19918
Adidas London Printed Super Track Jacket

You can also combine the jacket with a skirt like the one above or any other kind really.As for the bag, it can be either a clutch, a backpack or a city bag,

Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" music video

And, of course, you can always get inspired by Fergie's outfit from the music video "My humps".
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I was looking for new hairstyle ideas, because i like experimenting different styles and i just remembered how much i liked the way the super long braids look on celebrities like Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe Kravitz or on the Knowles sisters.

Lisa Bonet

Women usually avoid this type of hairstyle because they think it's too boho or just beach appropriate, but i believe it looks incredibly sexy and stylish.

Zoe Kravitz

Imagine how good it would look with an awesome evening dress.Own the hairstyle and don't be afraid to match it with really elegant outfits.They don't always have to be boho or hippie inspired.
Solange Knowles
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The beautiful Stefani Sober is the star of a very artistic and fashionable editorial photographed by Koray Parlak for the latest issue of XOXO Magazine.The makeup and hair look just stunning!

Stefani Sober
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Model Jenna Castillous is radiant and very happy wearing yellow outfits for the May issue of Elle Canada photographed by Leda&St.Jacques.
Jenna Castilloux por Leda & St. Jacques para Elle Canada Maio 2015  [Editorial]
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I am a fan of all white outfits so you can imagine how excited i was to see this editorial featuring the beautiful Josephine Le Tutour who was photographed by Sharif Hamza for the May issue of Vogue China.The gold accessories are a must.

Josephine Le Tutour looks stunning in Sharif Hamza shoot for Vogue China May 2015  [Editorial]
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Skateboarding might not sound very fashionable, but it doesn't mean that it can't actually be done in style.Model Magdalena Jasek was photographed by Stefan Heinrichs for Russh Magazine #63 in a casual chic outfit.
Magdalena Jasek, Darius Tralbalza by Stefan Heinrichs for Russh Magazine #63 8
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

It seems like the coolest hairstyle for this Spring/Summer is the short curly hair and model Sasha Luss is rocking it in the latest issue of Vogue China photographed by Boo George.

Vogue China Maio 2015 | Sasha Luss por Boo George [Fashion]
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